Shares & Stock Market – Volume 4 – Issue 2


We all talk about the stock markets, SENSEX, NIFTY. There are numerous discussions going on – why did the market go up or when can I buy or what do I buy and many many more questions. But how many of us really know the Stock Market or even for that matter what is a stock or a share. May be very few. The main object of this edition is to given some basic insights on the stock market and then also discuss the stock indexes. We have started with these series and we will elaborate more in the editions to come. We also will be discussing on the economic outlook for India and just give our perspective of how the Indian Markets may behave in the days to come. We will also be discussing on BREXIT.

The people of Britain voted for a British exit, or Brexit, from the EU in a historic referendum on Thursday June 23. The outcome prompted jubilant celebrations among Eurosceptics around theEuropean Continent and sent shockwaves through the global economy. After the declaration of the result, the pound fell to its lowest level since 1985 and David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister.Mrs May has said that she will trigger Article 50 – the step that starts the timer on two years of Brexit talks – by the end of March 2017.This means that Britain is scheduled to leave the EU by March 2019.

The Brexit victory sent economic shockwaves through global markets and Britain lost its top AAA credit rating. The Bank of England has cut interest rates and taken other emergency steps to help stop the UK from slipping into recession. There is ongoing uncertainty over what will happen once Britain leaves the EU because it has to make new trade agreements with the rest of the world. This all has a humongous impact on the world economy and also on the global markets. We will discuss this in detail on our article on Brexit.

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