Shares & Stock Market – Volume 3 – Issue 2


The other day, while having my lunch, just overheard two friends discussing the stock market. One of them was advising the other that to gain in the stock market , we need to buy when the price is low and sell at the highest price. It is very easy to say this but difficult to time the market. With our busy schedules, tools like Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) help us to invest and get returns in the long run. We will discuss this in detail in our article related to SIP.

People invest for many reasons. As a hobby, for their ego’s sake or to meet a medium-term goal, such as paying for college fees for children.But most of us have a real, long-term goal. However you choose to express it, retirement, your golden years, the day you stop working — it’s all about living off your money rather than continuing to work solely to make more.

NATIONAL PENSION SCHEME is an avenue for people to help planning for their golden years. We will discuss this in detail in the related article.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley recently presented the Union Budget for 2015-16. This is Modi Government’s first full fledged budget after coming to power last year in May.

The budget 2015-16 has been widely hailed as a Super Budget, which stalwarts expect that it would put India firmly on the growth path. We have covered some aspects on the Budget in this edition. There is much more information available in the current journal than what I have briefly mentioned.

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