Shares & Stock Market – Volume 4 – Issue 1


Global political scenario has already changed with the polarization and with the refugee crisis and the countries joining hands for fighting against the ISIS. Even with the latest weapon and modern techniques the big barons of the world are finding the ISIS to be a tough animal to curtail. India has seen a different type of the political events with the opposition in no mood to let the government go thru some of the key legislations. The entire last session of the parliaments seemed like a washout with no bill being able to be cleared and various issues being raised by and against the opposition. The key bill being the GST bill is still far away from the Government deadlines. The Budget session has begun and we hope that the NDA government would be able to sail thru the Fiscal budget and get some of the key bills passes which are long overdue. Much is being done by the BJP government but much more needs to be done to transform India into a Global Super Power.

In the present article, we cover the following topics

• Article 1 by Shri Avinnash Gorakssarkar on the Key Budget 2016 proposals and how the same will help the agricultural sector and the Poor man. It also highlights the key direct and indirect tax proposals.
• Article 2 by Dharmesh Sinha Trivedi on the topic of the investing in the high dividend paying stocks. It enlist the strategy of investing in companies which have paid consistently high dividend year on year.
• Article 3 by Rohan Talkalkar on the topic of review of the Solar manufacturing Industry. It has very well explained the global scenario and the Indian Sectors and certain key developments.
• Article 4 by Shital Durgawala on the topic of the interest rates , this is a sequel to the first part and explains the different type of the interest rates prevailing in the country.
• Article 5 by Yamini Sood on the topic of the figure the finances for a fragile life. It very well explains that a single person in the family must not be the only person in charge of the financial management. The same needs to be shared with the wife and children as well.

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